Will my auto insurance pay for the damage caused by the tree that fell on my car?

Most people understand that auto insurance is a requirement for all drivers. Liability insurance provides coverage and protection for property damage and people injured in an accident where you’re at fault. However, the type of auto insurance you carry determines your coverage options. Our team at Luke Peterson Insurance in Altoona, IA takes pride in helping drivers choose the best coverage.

Auto Insurance: What You Need To Know

Will my Auto Insurance Pay to Repair my Tree-Damaged-Car?

Yes and no. Drivers who carry auto liability insurance have coverage that pays for damage to someone else’s property and injury to others. However, liability coverage will not cover the repair of your vehicle or injuries, but comprehensive auto insurance will. Comprehensive auto insurance provides coverage for damage caused by non-moving accidents. Comprehensive coverage involves a wide range of situations and accidents. 

Comprehensive Auto Insurance 

Comprehensive auto insurance will pay to repair your tree-damaged car. Your comprehensive auto insurance policy will pay to repair or replace your vehicle in the event of theft, vandalism, fire, hail, falling objects, natural disasters, and damage caused by animals. Comprehensive auto insurance also provides coverage for:

  • Hitting an animal
  • Riots 
  • Theft of parts of a vehicle
  • Cracked windshields

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Drivers aren’t obligated to invest in more than liability insurance. However, drivers have many options in auto insurance. They can invest in liability insurance or invest in more. Each option provides specific benefits and coverage options. However, drivers interested in auto insurance that covers non-moving accidents should invest in comprehensive coverage. Our agents at Luke Peterson Insurance in Altoona, IA would be happy to explore auto insurance options with you.