How much insurance do I need to drive in Altoona, IA?

Iowa drivers are legally required to carry auto insurance that meets the mandatory state minimums. Drivers who choose not to carry insurance can be fined if they are caught. However, there are a few loopholes that may grant Iowa drivers extra time to purchase insurance coverage. Our team at Luke Peterson Insurance of Altoona, IA is dedicated to helping Iowa residents get the insurance coverage they need.

Iowa State Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements

Iowa drivers must carry auto liability insurance for both bodily injury and property damage. Iowa’s state minimum requirements for auto insurance require all Iowa drivers to carry $20k in bodily injury for one person. If a car accident involves injury to more than one person, $40K is the minimum amount of coverage required to cover bodily injury to two or more people in an accident. Iowa drivers must also carry liability insurance for property damage in the amount of $15K. In short, Iowa drivers must carry bodily injury liability and property damage liability. Drivers who attempt to drive an uninsured vehicle may receive a small fine if the car has been uninsured for thirty days or less. 

Other Considerations…

Conversely, Iowa has a new car insurance grace period. New car owners are given two to thirty days to acquire auto insurance. During this grace period, new car owners in Iowa are allowed to drive an uninsured vehicle for a preset number of days before acquiring insurance. New car insurance can be purchased or the new car can be added to an existing policy. If you have questions regarding what’s required to legally drive in the state of Iowa, give us a call. We’d be happy to answer your questions. Our team at Luke Peterson Insurance of Altoona, IA is standing by to help Iowa customers.