How much insurance do I need to drive in Altoona, IA?

Iowa drivers are legally required to carry auto insurance that meets the mandatory state minimums. Drivers who choose not to carry insurance can be fined if they are caught. However, there are a few loopholes that may grant Iowa drivers extra time to purchase insurance coverage. Our team at Luke Peterson Insurance of Altoona, IA is dedicated to helping Iowa residents get the insurance coverage they need.

Iowa State Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements

Iowa drivers must carry auto liability insurance for both bodily injury and property damage. Iowa’s state minimum requirements for auto insurance require all Iowa drivers to carry $20k in bodily injury for one person. If a car accident involves injury to more than one person, $40K is the minimum amount of coverage required to cover bodily injury to two or more people in an accident. Iowa drivers must also carry liability insurance for property damage in the amount of $15K. In short, Iowa drivers must carry bodily injury liability and property damage liability. Drivers who attempt to drive an uninsured vehicle may receive a small fine if the car has been uninsured for thirty days or less. 

Other Considerations…

Conversely, Iowa has a new car insurance grace period. New car owners are given two to thirty days to acquire auto insurance. During this grace period, new car owners in Iowa are allowed to drive an uninsured vehicle for a preset number of days before acquiring insurance. New car insurance can be purchased or the new car can be added to an existing policy. If you have questions regarding what’s required to legally drive in the state of Iowa, give us a call. We’d be happy to answer your questions. Our team at Luke Peterson Insurance of Altoona, IA is standing by to help Iowa customers. 

Auto Insurance and You: What You Need to Know

Are you just buying your first vehicle as a driver and aren’t sure what you need to know about auto insurance? This situation can be very confusing for our Altoona, IA, customers. However, we at Luke Peterson Insurance can help you better understand your options and give you the insight that you need to make sure that your policy is as up-to-date as possible for your needs. 

What You Need to Know 

If you need help with your auto insurance policy, it is essential to know what to expect from your coverage. There are many different ways that your policy will ensure that you don’t pay too much after a crash or another situation. Just a few ways that they help include how they:

  • Protect Against Crashes – Your policy will help you if you get into a crash and either has to pay for repairs for yourself or others. 
  • Liability Help – If you somehow damage a person’s vehicle or property, your policy can protect you from complications. This also includes health coverage. 
  • Damage Repair – In some situations, you may be able to use your insurance to pay for some types of renovations or upgrades to your vehicle. 

The type of policy that you purchase will vary according to your needs. Some people may just want the primary option because it is usually more than enough for most. However, others may need a more intensive policy that covers all of their needs to insure them properly. 

How We Can Help 

Do you need help finding an auto insurance policy that makes sense for your needs? Then, please contact us at Luke Peterson Insurance right away to learn more. We serve the Altoona, IA, area and will do what we can to help you get the most coverage protection possible for your car.

4 Facts About Auto Insurance

When you own a vehicle in Altoona, IA, it’s good to purchase the right auto insurance coverage. This way, your vehicle is protected against various perils, including theft, vandalism, hail, fire, accidents, and many more. You are also protected against liabilities and medical expenses you incur following an auto accident. 

However, the reality is that auto insurance can be confusing even to the most experienced car owners. With many myths flying around, separating the chaff from the grain can be a daunting task. Thankfully, Luke Peterson Insurance is here to offer auto insurance facts that will enable you to make an informed decision every time you shop for car insurance.

Auto insurance is mandatory in Iowa

Iowa requires you to carry liability coverage in your auto insurance policy. The liability coverage should have minimum bodily injury and property damage coverages to protect you when involved in a car accident that you are at fault.

Car insurance comes with more than one option

Auto insurance isn’t about liability protection only. It incorporates other options for optimal coverage. Typical auto insurance coverages include:

  • Comprehensive coverage for non-collision perils, like theft, fire, and vandalism.
  • Medical payments coverage to pay for medical expenses and final expenses for you and your passengers following an auto accident.
  • Collision coverage to cover for your car damage after an auto accident.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to protect you against damages and medical expenses caused by motorists with little or no insurance

Car insurance rates are not standard

Yes, your auto insurance computation won’t be the same for your spouse or colleague, even when the vehicle model is similar. Insurance companies factor in the below when determining your auto insurance rate.

  • Claim history
  • Driving record
  • Age 
  • Credit rating
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Occupation and education level
  • Zipcode

You can show proof of insurance ownership from your phone

In Iowa State, when asked to prove vehicle insurance ownership, you can use a car insurance ID card from your smartphone. 

Car insurance in Iowa

Need auto insurance? You are on the right page. Contact Luke Peterson Insurance in Altoona, IA, and our friendly team will help protect you and your vehicle.

Is auto insurance needed in Iowa?

In the Altoona, IA area, there are many local amenities and job opportunities for people to take advantage of. If you do live in this area of Iowa, you will want to have a car to ensure you are able to get around town to enjoy all that it has to offer. If you are going to purchase a car here, you should make sure that you get into a quality auto insurance policy. There are several reasons why the average car owner needs to have auto insurance here. 

Insurance is a Legal Requirement

You will need to have an auto insurance policy because it is a legal requirement. Anyone that wants to drive a car in Iowa needs to abide by the laws that govern liability insurance. If you do not carry this insurance at a level required by the state, you could face penalization. Further, you will be obligated to pay for any damages caused in an accident without this coverage.

Insurance Protects Vehicle

It would help if you also got an auto insurance policy because it can protect your vehicle. If you have made a big investment in your car or do not have the means to replace it entirely, you should make sure that you get appropriate coverage. When you get an auto insurance policy with full coverage, you can receive protection against many situations that could result in a loss.

As you are looking for a new auto insurance policy in the Altoona, IA area, you should reach out to Luke Peterson Insurance. The team at Luke Peterson Insurance understands the risks that come to car owners in Iowa. They can then help you mitigate these risks with a new quality insurance policy.