How to Create a Quality Home Inventory List

When you want to get a personal property insurance policy added to your home insurance, you’ll want to create a home inventory list. 

Start with the Basics 

Start out using pen/pencil and paper for your list. You can look online to see how you should format this list.  

Include the Expensive Items 

You should make sure to have all of your expensive items on your inventory. Some of the more common ones to include are antiques and artwork as well as specialty equipment. Take care not to forget items like musical instruments, firearms and collectibles. 

Keep Your Receipts 

It’s important that you keep documents that involve your large purchases. This helps you to show proof of ownership to your insurance company if anything has been damaged or stolen. Gather your paperwork such as appraisals and sales receipts, then add them to your home inventory. 

Focus on a Small Area 

Start out by focusing on a room or small area of your house for your process. This will keep you from being overwhelmed since you won’t think about your entire house at once. Just like with anything else, the most difficult part is beginning your process. 

Include Your Storage Space 

The standard homeowner’s insurance policy covers items that are in storage. However, there are limits to this. Make sure you take inventory of your storage unit contents. You might overlook this or think that it’s not covered, but you should turn this list in to your insurance agent. 

When you want to get coverage for your belongings, a home inventory is your best bet. Consider talking to an independent agent from Luke Peterson Insurance of the greater Altoona, IA area to get started.