How to Build a Better Home Inventory

It’s essential to have an updated, complete home inventory, but it’s an easy task to put to the bottom of your list of priorities. It’s tedious and time-consuming. When it comes to picking the right homeowners policy, it’s an invaluable tool to have. It can prevent you from making a costly mistake in judgment down the road should you need to file a claim. Having an updated, robust home inventory can also speed up the claims process and help you get the best reimbursement possible for damaged or stolen items. 

Make use of technology. 

Technology has vastly improved the process of creating and maintaining a home inventory.  Many apps, some even free, can help you build an inventory, store photos and videos, copies of receipts, and item details. You can create your inventory simply with your phone’s camera, recording video and pictures of every item in your home, and capture receipts, appraisals, serial numbers, and more with ease. 

Document in order of importance. 

It’s a big task. It’s easier to begin when moving as you already have to handle all your possessions, but if you can’t do that, start with the most expensive, highest importance items. Then move room by room in order from most vital to least vital. You can survive without your dollar store basket included in the inventory, but it would suck to come out of pocket on your wall-sized 4k television. 

Keep it updated. 

When you make a new purchase, make a note of your home inventory. Apps make this much easier since you can take a snapshot and update it quickly and efficiently. As a bonus, these are more secure than a written list as they can be password protected and remotely stored. 

Know What to Record:

  • Item description
  • Serial number or make and model
  • Date acquired and purchased price, plus receipts or appraisal
  • Any other relevant information to replace the item, should it go missing

If you need additional guidance, please visit or call Luke Peterson Insurance today. We are happy to discuss how your home inventory can help you make the most of your homeowner’s policy in Altoona, IA.