Classic Car Insurance in Iowa

Is it time to take your classic car for a spin, but are not sure what the insurance qualifications are? Not to worry. Luke Peterson Insurance in Altoona, IA is here to help you figure out the best coverage for your classic beauty.

Speaking with one of our agents will help you understand the bit of extra care needed in insuring a classic car! Every single one of our agents is highly trained according to the auto laws of Iowa with extensive knowledge of classic care insurance.

Normal auto insurance typically is not enough to cover a classic car. The tricky part is that a classic car's value is often more than the depreciation value because of all the fancy and high-class work that has been done to it.

Every classic car is different. Every owner is different in how he or she chooses to use the vehicle. This is why our agents will take the appropriate to understand what you really need to have the right amount of coverage!

If you happen to update or alter your classic car in any way that increases the value (while under Luke Peterson Insurance coverage in Iowa) you can always have your policy adjust to cover the new value.

The coverage is foundationally formulated by what standard cars use.

Collision Coverage

If at any point your car needs to be repaired or replaced, the cost will be covered under the policy of choice.

Bodily Injury Liability

This coverage will serve you well if you are at fault in an accident and the other party is injured. The bodily liability policy will cover their medical expenses.

Property Damage Liability

Unfortunately, this type of coverage is often overlooked, but it shouldn’t be. Our policy will cover you if you damage someone’s personal property during an accident.

Luke Peterson Insurance in Altoona, IA is here for you to assist you in developing the right policy for your classic car. Call us today to make an appointment!